Prince Edward School is proud to be among the few school that offer art as practical subject. As requirement by the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture technical subjects are a prerequisite of the education curriculum in Zimbabwe. At Prince Edward School art is not only done to fulfil ministry requirements but art is studied with focus on enriching and empowering the youth with skills for the future.

The school does not see art as just a painting and drawing subject for the boys. The main dream under the guidance of the headmaster, Mr. A. G Sora and the H.O.D, Mr. Nathan Pambura is to bring in technology into to the department. The vision goes beyond paint and pastel but explore Corel Graphics and Web Design. By so doing boys are prepared for tertiary education and even to go into industry as trainees or start off being their own boss. What is important now is not to give a child a fish but to take him to the river and teach him how to catch the fish, hence youth empowerment. Art at this school has always been a highlight over the years but with these visionaries a new dawn is coming soon in the art department at Prince Edward School

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