3 October 2013


Dear Old Hararians

I was delighted to hear from Dr Brian Campbell, an Old Boy and Patron of the School Development Association, of the Old Hararians Reunion in Johannesburg from 4 to 5 October.  This shows and proves that Prince Edward School is not just an ordinary school.  It is a cauldron providing polished, stoic, tenacious and versatile gentlemen.  The school is still “a school of choice” to many and the past and current boys still show the pride and loyalty you showed years back.  The same aura and charisma is experienced by learners, past and present, as well as visitors.

As the Chief Executive Officers of this institution it is an honour to be given this responsibility.  The enormity of the task is not lost on me.  It is my responsibility to ensure the school prospers and continues to dominate in the academics, sport and cultural activities.

I wish Old Hararians a fruitful get-together and I remind you:

“When in some remoter day 

Men and Women yet unborn

On occasions pass this way

Still our song shall greet the dawn”


“Prince Edward School Song”


Visit your alma mater and sit by Jubilee Field and reminisce of days gone by.  Congratulations for organizing the Re-Union.

“Tot Facienda Parum Factum”


Aggrippa Sora


Copy available for download (Click here).

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