Application Process
Prospective students apply in writing. The letter of application consists of the following:

  1. Residential address; proof of residence in the form of original rates, lease agreement, telephone and original bills.
  2. Name of boy ‘s junior school
  3. Name/s of siblings/father/grand father who attend/attended Prince Edward School (if any did so).
  4. If applying for a Form higher than Form I, enclose copy of boy’s latest school report.
  5. Parents must be able to afford fees that are required by Prince Edward School.
  6. Certified copy of boy’s birth certificate.
  7. A stamped self-addressed envelop for the reply.

Admission forms and an offer letter will be made available by the school to the successful candidates with the above requirements.

About the school thrift shop
The thrift shop is run by the school levy office. It has all uniforms items.

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