Welcome to our Web Space and please explore our corridors that bear fine history dating back to 13 June, 1898 when progressive citizens mooted the idea of a public school. On 14 November 1898 the first school, in the then Salisbury and the second in the country was opened as Salisbury Public Non-denominational School. 

The first Headmaster was Mr. John Kerr.  In 1925 the school adopted the name Prince Edward School.  It gives me pride to head such an institution which has grown in stature and accomplishments over the years. Recognition goes to my predecessors – Former P.E Heads teachers, parents and old boys. The rich educational curricular, cultural and sporting prowess has earned us an enviable position in the country as the best public school with a rich culture, resolute sportsmen, innovative teachers and parents. 

It has grown into an international school churning out graduates of high repute, achievers, and tenacious fighters in industry, gentlemen known for their chivalry, etiquette, finesse, deportment and carriage.  The immaculate infrastructure and lush lawns have been the envy of many.  Enjoy turning the web pages and tread over our virtual corridors - you will meet the cultured lad who will reminisce on how “a tiger cares for its own!”  You will be treated the Edwardian way!.


Mr. Aggrippa G. Sora.

The Headmaster


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2014 School Terms

1st Term: Begins Tue January 14

Ends: Thu April 10

2nd term: Begins Tue May 13    

Ends Thu August 7 

3rd term: Begins: Tue September 9

Ends: Thu December 4

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