09 April 2014


Dear Parent/Guardian


The term has come to an end with a lot achieved.  Parents and guardians have been very supportive and all programmes were fulfilled.


The school invited Parents/Guardians to an Academic Indaba where teachers and parents had an opportunity to interface with teachers with a view to improve our academic results.  My plea to parents is for patience and I am hopeful tangible results will be realised.  A follow up meeting will be held. ‘A’ level students are expected to study three subjects.  It has come to my attention that some students have dropped one subject.  May I call upon parents/guardians to ensure your boy is studying three subjects.


Registration of Zimsec `O’ and `A’ Level examination is in progress.  The closing date is Wednesday 30th April. Every boy in F4 and 6U should register by this date.  Those who fail to register will cease to be Prince Edward pupils.  If a boy registers with Cambridge he must bring proof of registration to the school so that he can be allowed to stay in school. Please not ZIMSEC Examinations take precedence.

Zimsec exam fees are indicated on the form which can be collected from the Government bursar’s office.

Hexco examinations registration is also closing on the 30th of April.  Forms can also be collected from the bursar’s office.  All Form 4 boys are advised to register for Hexco computers as this will be used to complement their Zimsec results next year.


It is disappointing to learn that some parents are transferring their boys to other schools without clearance from the school.  This has resulted in loss of textbooks.  Graduating classes Form 4 and Form 6 are not clearing with the school and wait until results are out.  This is totally unacceptable as we fail to issue books to other students.  Books lost should be urgently replaced. 


We have focused on good discipline and our thrust has always been creating a child friendly school.  Boys deserving punishment should be appropriately punished by the authorities. No boy should touch any other boy.  This has been my song which I will continue to sing.  There are some boys whose core-business at Prince Edward School is to create anxiety.  Unfortunately some parents report but would want to remain anonymous.  This is what aids bullying.  A bully thrives on instilling fear in the victim.  There is no recrimination when you report cases if this happens then the wrath of the law will fall on the perpetrators.  Parents must report to the school administration if they have issues.  No parent is allowed to take the law into their own hands by coming to the school and punishing boys.  This is assault and your school administration will not support such a parent.  I will have no choice but to report you to the police.  Any attempt to bring in big brothers to revenge is a matter we will report to the police.  A parent is not allowed to come into this school and punish any child.


A number of boys are coming to school late on a daily basis.  It is duty of parents to make sure boys arrive on time.  All boys should be at school by 7:30am every day.  Next term the school is proposing to close its gates by 8:00am and boys will be turned back thereafter.


Only the main gate is to be used by parents as they bring their boys to school.  The hostel gate is not to be used except by boarding parents when they drop their boys on the opening day.  All boys are to be dropped in front parking area and not to drive up to the inner parking area.  Parents insisting of driving into the inner parking area are contravening the school regulations and should assist the school by adhering to the official dropping zone.


The school is owed huge amounts of money by parents/guardians.  There are some parents who have never bothered paying for their children. Lists have been drawn up and Debt Collectors have been engaged.  Payment plans are not being adhered to.  Liaise with the Levy office and the Bursar’s office if there are any issues.  Avoid paying more than you owe the school by paying before debt collectors pounce on you.


The school has managed to fulfill all its obligations and important events have come and gone.  The National Institute of Allied Arts has held its performances.  The school has a new sponsor for the rugby festival.  The Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival will be held from 5 to 10 May 2014.  Parents are invited.  The P.T.A has been instrumental in initiating fundraising activities. May I thank you for sacrificing your time.


Two boys are currently in England on exchange programme.  The school has formed yet another link with Torquay High School in England.


Term 2 is a busy term and parents/guardians are urged to work with the school.  Our focus is to improve on our results and continue doing very well in our sporting activities.  May I wish you a blessed Easter Holiday.

Tot Facienda Parum Factun


A.G. Sora



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