Prince Edward School

Prince Edward School

From left is Mr. W.Williams (SDC Chairperson), Mr Gezana, Mr. N.Muparuri, Ms Guguba, Ms. V.Karangura,

Mr. Abraham & Dr. A.G. Sora the Headmaster

PE parents who doubled up as hockey coaches (Mr. Gezana and Mr. Abraham) handing over brand new hockey goal keepers Kit, for all age groups to the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster and the SDC Chairman on the 23rd of March 2017. Looking on is the outgoing hockey Chairperson Ms. Violet Karangura and Ms. Guguba Sports Department.

The donations were sourced from the PE Old Boys and this effort was spearheaded by Mr. Bruce Dzvowa. And the value of the donation was to the tune of $10 thousand USD.

A BIG THANK YOU GOES OUT TO THE OLD LADS!!!. With such a great example of looking and giving back to the future for the gentleman of Prince Edward, so it can only get better and brighter.

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It is with deep regret that I inform you of the destruction of the Woodwork and Technical Graphics classrooms by fire at 3am this morning through suspected electrical fault. Harare Fire Brigade responded swiftly and contained the fire. But we lost all the equipment. Happily no loss of life. I've retired now as I have been up since then but you can come and have a look anytime. We will get over this. I feel challenged to ensure my boys are not disturbed at all.


Dr. A.G Sora


TOT FACIENDA PARUM FACTUM. (So much to do, so little done).


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Welcome to PE Clubs and Societies

All boys are expected to participate in sport and cultural activities.  This will ensure they have adequate exercise and have an opportunity to polish up their presentation to the community.  The school requires excuse notes from medical doctors before they are exempted from such activities.  It is your responsibility to take your child for medical examination just to ensure the little complains do not grow and worsen unnoticed.  Our boys should be on medical aid so as to obtain service when need arises.

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